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The Dogwood Alley Legacy (Part Two)

Dogwood Alley sits nestled among hills with curvy, narrow roads that meander around a creek lined with dogwood trees and rhododendron. The ol' homestead, the Crawford farm, is no longer there, but other landmarks stand in testament to the stories told of the family with "a bunch of youngun's." Train tracks, Solway Church of God, and cemeteries remain as witnesses to mischief, worship and lives well lived.

The legacy of this location and its former inhabitants reaches well beyond Knox county and even surpasses the Tennessee state line. Prayers prayed by Fred and Margaret Crawford carry those of us in these future generations through our struggles and challenges. Memories of life lessons, shared Bible verses, and family values have been passed on to each child; building a foundation for their morals, their character, and their own individual legacy yet to be left on this earth.

The story of Dogwood Alley isn't fancy. It isn't great literature to be studied or honored. But, it has value beyond any award. Sharing experiences and traditions are part of the Crawford way of life. Personally, this is my favorite family trait, and I'm happy to be able to share it with you. May the Dogwood Alley legacy live on forever.

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