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Big Changes

I logged in and was surprised to see that it had been eight months since my last blog post! Funny how life gets so busy that you forget things you were once trying to prioritize. My husband and I are now committing to re-focusing on our writing and book promoting so that we can share our stories with more readers. That being said, there are certainly some new time-stealing obstacles we will have to overcome. The baby of the family will start high school this fall, and two of our kids will be getting learner's permits to start driving. That's sure to be an adventure! A big change, and challenge, for me is that I've had to transition to gluten-free eating for health reasons. It's definitely beneficial and I feel so much better eating this way, but wow...gluten is in everything! Or, so it seems.

Anyway, be prepared to hear from us more often via books, emails, new material in our members only section, and on social media (Facebook and Instagram). We have more stories to tell, more history and recipes to share, and more coffee to drink! Hey, it's gluten-free!

P.S. Book 3 of the Charlotte Ritter cozy mystery series releases May 1. We also will have a new series releasing this year for those of you who love action/adventure and espionage!

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