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Coffee and Books

Two of my all-time favorite things: coffee and books. If you've read any of my stories, you know that coffee shows up in every one of them. I took my coffee inspiration to a whole new level with our cozy mystery series. From the title to the main character's obvious addiction, coffee plays a major role in these books. And rightfully so! Who doesn't love to curl up with a good book and a warm beverage? Maybe you aren't a coffee lover. Maybe you're more of a hot tea type person. I can dig it. A nice Earl Grey is one of my top five drinks. With all the real-life inspiration that I weave into my writing, coffee just seemed a natural fit for these quirky tales about Charlotte (who is so much like me it's scary).

I'm curious. Do you have a go-to drink for your reading time? My mother seems to prefer iced tea or Coke Zero, but she'll do a hot tea when the mood strikes her. I obviously go for coffee, but the flavor can vary, depending on what I'm reading. What if we paired books and coffee like cheese and wine? I think it could benefit the reader's experience to have a cup o' Joe that compliments the story.

Right now I'm reading Erin Johnson's cozy mystery series. It's super quirky (about a witch who is also a baker) and a really enjoyable read. Because she bakes lots of sweets in particular, I've been drinking either Toasted Coconut Coffee or Peppermint Mocha Coffee. The dessert-like flavors give me the essence of Imogen's baking while I read the story.

So, what about my own cozy mystery series? What coffee would pair with these books? ANY! Charlotte drinks so many different varieties that you really can't go wrong here. But, I do have a few suggestions...

Green Mountain Coffee Brown Sugar Crumble is actually mentioned in the books, and is so yummy!

Gloria Jean's Mudslide Coffee is definitely something Charlotte would drink in large quantities.

Barnie's Santa's White Christmas is not just for the holiday season. I drink this one All. Year. Round.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Sniper Hide is a smooth, light roast that is so good. And, a bonus is that they are a Veteran-ran company. I'm drinking this while writing parts of the third book of the Charlotte Ritter cozy mystery series, which will be coming SOON! Lots more adventure awaits our heroine. I hope you'll join her with a cup of whatever you like!

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