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Coughs, Cupcakes, and Clouds

Yes, the title is a little play-on-words with our cozy mystery book titles. All three of those things, however, relate to my life at the moment. First of all, we've had a round of bronchitis (to the extreme) going around the household with three of the four kids and myself. Even though we're feeling much better, we have coughs that are lingering. Mine is particularly annoying at the moment. And there's that tickle in the throat that shows up at the worst possible at church during the sermon, during a job interview over lunch (and you're trying not to gag). Yeah, fun times.

The cupcakes were these pretty, little carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting that my husband so lovingly made; kind-of forgetting that I couldn't eat them because of my new gluten-free diet. They smelled heavenly. The kids enjoyed them. Sigh. It's okay. I'll make some gluten-free brownies later this week and keep them for myself!

Finally, the clouds. We're in a weather pattern of intense heat starting early in the day with thunderstorms (or at least scary, intense-looking clouds) in the afternoon. This gives me headaches, and sometimes the cloud cover makes a day feel rather gloomy.

So, thank you for reading through my venting of my recent frustrations! There are some good things, too...

Some new opportunities are opening up and I hopefully will be able to share more about this next month. Also, we've had some time off from our day job to stay home and write. That's always a "plus." My daughter's musical theater performances are this weekend and that will wrap up her theater workshop for the summer. We're looking forward to the performances and to sleeping past six-thirty in the mornings for a little while! Well, least once. Lol.

I hope everyone's summer is going well and that you get plenty of caffeine, kid-time and kid-free time (not just hiding in the bathroom eating chocolate), and that if someone makes you cupcakes, you can actually eat them.

I promise the next blog won't be so whiny!

P.S. Those are not his cupcakes in the picture. They got eaten before I even

thought about writing this!

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