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What Lies Ahead

This week is full of events for our family. Yesterday, our family participated in a First Responder's Appreciation Parade and Cook-off Event. It was a great event celebrating heroes, and we were happy to be a part of it.

Today is Mother's Day. We don't do anything big around our house because I'd rather have the day to relax together. So, we will be Netflix and chilling, and I'm happy with that. Especially since the rest of our week has truly big occasions that require real effort. My daughter has her end-of-the-school-year orchestra performance, which is always a treat. The following evening my son Sam graduates high school from a special school/program for autistic children. Then, the evening after that, my oldest son, Ben, graduates from high school...with honors...after some harrowing years navigating school with Asperger's and some social anxieties. With school coming to an end, our lives will enter into a complex time of transition. While it's a bit scary, it is also rather exciting to see what lies ahead for each of us.

I have some writing projects in the works that I'm eager to get completed. We have gotten some terrific reviews of our latest works, and are hopeful that words continues to spread about our books, and that we gain new readers. We appreciate all of you who follow us, and share your love for our stories with others. It means a lot to us personally, and it helps us tremendously as Indie authors who don't have a large publishing house to market on our behalf.

The future looks bright. We can only look forward in hope and joyous anticipation of what awaits us. Here's to a an ever better second half of 2018...

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