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It's been a minute...'s been a minute, huh? Life kind of took us in some different directions for a while, but we are BACK writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and now once again blogging! Yay! So, let me take a little time to catch you up with where we are...

We just released book four of the Charlotte Ritter series, and we have book five coming in a couple of weeks! Plus, there will be a Christmas book.

Then, for those who enjoyed the Dogwood Alley books, we will have the fourth and final book releasing in December. There are thoughts about a spin-off series from Dogwood Alley, but as of right now, those are just thoughts.

The Michael Tallen series will have a new release next year; maybe two. It depends on how much coffee I drink in order to fulfill all my writing plans. Lol.

There is definitely going to be a new cozy mystery series coming in 2022, and you're going to love it! The first book has already been started, and several more planned.

Keith has been working on his first book (writing solo and not helping me write), and is FINALLY publishing it this month! This is a different genre than our usual as it is Sci-Fi and historical fiction combined. I love it, and I know he will develop a follower of readers who will love it, too. It is the first of a trilogy so let's hope he doesn't take so long to write the next two. (Just kidding, babe! Kind of. Love you!)

It feels great to be writing again, and we hope you enjoy the new stories we present to you. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and like and share our posts. And, if you haven't already, write us a review (or five) on Goodreads and Amazon. We really appreciate your support! Thank you. And, I promise to update this blog more often and to continue pushing out entertaining stories that you'll love to read.

Take care,


P.S. We are adding to our Members Area, too! Be watching for new benefits!


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