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Love Conquers All

I like to think that I'm not a mushy romantic, but I'm often forced to admit that simply isn't true. I'm a hopeless romantic if ever there was one. Writing romance is a challenge for me because I feel like I have a different perspective on what constitutes romance compared to most women my age. Or, maybe I just like thinking I'm different than everyone else. Regardless, I like to incorporate romance into my stories; Bert and Doris, Michael and (possibly) Kelly, and who knows what lies ahead for Charlotte!

Fred and Margaret in the Dogwood Alley series are based on my actual great-grandparents. I remember attending their fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration with hundreds of people from the community and the churches they had pastored joining our family to recognize the milestone. From humble and poor beginnings, through a miscarriage and the difficulties of evangelizing and pastoring; Fred and Margaret demonstrated that love conquered all. All troubles, all fears, all won out. And, it wasn't just their love because human love on its own struggles to withstand this life. No, they had God's love providing their strength and perseverance. I can only hope to stand as such a fine example to future generations as they have stood for me. Happy Valentine's Day in heaven, you two.

I Corinthians 13:4-8 " never fails..."

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