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Women's History Month

I know that March being Women's History Month is specifically for women who have "made history" through their heroic actions or great societal contributions. But, I think it's important that we remember women who contributed to the world through humbler activities. For example, my great-great grandmother, Carrie Crawford, may not have done anything to get her worldwide recognition; but she did raise a large family under tough circumstances and instilled values into the future generations of Crawford. She gave the world people like my great-grandfather, Fred Crawford, who became and evangelist and then a pastor. He, in turn, influenced me to write our family's stories and share them with you.

I have three children. Carrie had eighteen children at home at one time in a house smaller than mine. Personally, I think that earns her the right to some kind of prestigious award, and most certainly a few jewels in her heavenly crown!

There are many women who, every single day, contribute to the world in ways that aren't necessarily recognized as they should be by our society. I encourage you to recognize the women in your life, and thank them for their role in your history and in your future.

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