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Coffee and Books

Well, if you've read any of my books, you're sure to notice that coffee is always involved. From Bert sipping a cup of Joe at the local diner to Michael scouting the best coffee places wherever he travels, to Charlotte and her obvious coffee addiction; there's coffee-a-plenty in my writings! I am a lover of a coffee (no sugar, plenty of cream), and so including the warm, delicious beverage just came naturally rather than intentionally. That is, until Charlotte came along.

Charlotte Ritter is a character loosely based on myself, and so I happily explore her coffee tastings as "research." While I do enjoy a good cup of plain ol' coffee; I admittedly prefer the flavored (unsweetened) stuff. If it has "coconut," "cookie," "chocolate," or "hazelnut" in the title, I'll most likely pick it. Barnie's makes a "Santa's White Christmas" which is one my all time favorites. And, I do enjoy a chai latte from time to time. Funny thing is, I have Charlotte sipping frappes in the second book (releasing in May 2018), but those aren't really my favorite since they're typically sweet. I've had a good caramel macchiato and a yummy maple bacon iced coffee that each paired nicely with the reading of a cozy mystery.

For those who aren't coffee drinkers, never underestimate the power of a cup of hot tea, preferably Earl Grey, while reading your favorite book. That's a very respectable substitute.

I do, however, have some suggestions for book and coffee pairings, as follows:

Dogwood Alley series: a house or breakfast blend; keep it simple.

The Lion Tamer's Daughter: espresso or a French Vanilla; Normando would have thought French Vanilla to be a bit exotic.

The SugarKing ShortStop: a Cuban caffe or a Salty Caramel; I feel Benita would like salted caramel flavor.

Coffee, Kids, and a Kidnapping: pretty much any kind of coffee. I mean, Charlotte drinks it all!

So, what's your favorite coffee? Do you have coffee/book pairings? (I'll even allow for hot tea in this discussion!) Comment below...

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